These figures are a COMPOSITE of information ... Your numbers
may vary! Sources used include: Chevrolet Engineering Center,
M.F. Dobbins, NCRS and Noland Adams

  1. 1966 Corvette Factory Options - A list of options with their cost.
  2. Power Team Combinations - Engine, transmission and rear axle.
  3. Advertised Engine Ratings - Horsepower and torque figures.
  4. Engine Block & Cylinder Head Casting Numbers
  5. Engine Pad Suffix Identification
  6. Rear Axle Ratio Identification Codes
  7. Holley Carburetor Identification Codes
  8. Manifold Identification Codes - Intake and Exhaust
  9. Alternator and Starter Applications
10. Distributor Specifications - With tune up and timing settings.
11. Ignition Coil Applications
12. Final Monthly Serial Numbers - Calculate the build date.
13. Body Identification Plate - Decoding the Trim Tag.
14. Dimension and Weight Specifications