Purchased by Bill Crotty

  1. New in November 1965 - Notice the Goldline Snow Tires!
  2. Barb and the Vette - Bill's wife Barbara ... Love the hair!
  3. Golf Anyone? - Bill is ready to hit the links.
  4. Oh Boy!!! - Barb is pregnant ... 3 1/2 weeks to go!
  5. Bill III - The first born is playing near the Vette.
  6. A Winters Day - Bill lets Barb handle the light snow.
  7. The Deep Snow - Was this the start of my frame rust?

How I got started in Corvettes
Photos by Ed Morocco (1973)

  8. My FIRST Corvette Ride - Dwight Smith gave me this disease.
  9. 1966 Corvette - Jim Covello currently ownes this Vette.

The Corvette I bought in 1987
Purchased from Charles Jones

10. 1966 427 Corvette - Does this Corvette look familiar to you?
11. Front Shot - Even the hood bulge is incorrectly painted alike!
12. 427 Corvette Convertible - 3/4 rear ... Yup, it need some work.
13. Hooked on Vettes! - A brief story behind this Vette's purchase.

My 1966 Corvette Sting Ray
Owned by Jack Morocco

14. Side Closeup - Knock-off wheel & sidepipes.
15. Interior - I found out later that it needed a telescopic column.
16. Engine - 427 big block with power brakes.
17. Air Cleaner - Closeup of the chrome lid and decals.
18. Gas Door - This is a repro lid ... Can you tell the difference?
19. Corvette Logo - This designed was altered for my web logo.
20. Scenic Pictures - Taken in various locations:
     a) The local gravel pits make a nice background
     b) Taken by a lake on a beautiful summer day
     c) In front of a scenic stone wall
     d) A different angle of the same stone wall
     e) Taken in front of a gorgeous man made waterfall