Hooked on Corvettes!

Flashback - The year is 1973, Nixon is in the White House, bell bottoms are in fashion, American Graffiti is playing in theaters everywhere. I'm 16 years old, a junior in high school, and my mode of transportation is a 1970 Schwinn 10-speed.

It was a gorgeous spring day. Suddenly, the calm of the afternoon was broken. The thunder was increasing ... dishes were rattling ... the storm front was approaching ... Beep-beep! Dwight Smith had just driven up in a 1966 Corvette.

My heart was beating to the rhythm of the ponies pounding under the bulge of the big block hood. The vette was a silver roadster with a black interior, black ragtop and a black hood stinger (not original, but who cared in '73?) "Wanna go for ..." Sure! He didn't need to finish the question. After all, my admiration of vettes had begun while McDonald's still had golden arches and gas prices reflected my waist size. Yup, this ... this would be my first ride! As we exploded through the expressway on-ramp, my life had changed. This plastic fantastic was forever in my blood.

Fast Forward - November 1979, Carter is in the White House, disco is king, the Village People are playing everywhere ... Help! It's my 23rd birthday and I can't take it any more. I need one. I've got to have one. But should it be a new one or an old one? After much contemplation, my birthday present to myself was a brand new silver vette ... great choice, eh?

Dateline - June 1987, Reagan is in the White ... ah, skip it ... wrong choice! I should have bought an old one. Don't misunderstand me. My vette is still in mint condition, but every time I see an old one, I relive the enchantment of my first ride.

Let the games begin. After smashing the piggy bank, I decided to locate a midyear big block roadster. (Sound familiar?) The search was on, but pickings were slim. Then, by accident, I happened across a classified ad from an out-of-town newspaper.

After telephoning for directions, I journeyed over an hour to reach my destination. To me, it was a fantasy come true ... better than finding the Lost City of Atlantis ... brighter than the Enchanted City of Eldorado. Sitting in this garage was a silver, big block 1966 Corvette roadster. It had a black interior, black ragtop, and you guessed, black hood stinger (not original, but now people care).

My pulse was revving, taching towards redline. I'm looking at this vette with my heart, not my head. Slow down ... this car is in rough condition ... better check it out first. Here comes my NCRS book... time to check numbers. The major hurdle has been cleared, the engine is original. But ... but ... oh no ... I don't believe it ... it can't be ... am I reading this right? The engine build date is my birthday! Close the book ... this Vette is mine!